Serverless MySQL made easy

SmartDB is a platform for serverless mySQL instances on your own AWS account

start building stunning webservices
and stop wasting money.

Companies like you trust us:


Your database will grow with its challenges - without you even noticing. Your users will love it.

Highly Available

Our database servers have an uptime of 99.999% .

Simple Interface

With SmartDB, a 4-year-old can set up a serverless database. Really - we tried it!


Every single byte is backed up at least 6 times. We run with you on your own AWS account. You have full control.

Cost Effective

Stop paying for database capacities you don't need - and reduce your costs by half!

Join. Click. Launch.

Launching a database has never been easier. And this database will have exactly the capacities you need. At all times.

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Use Cases

When SmartDB will be just the right solution for you!


You have a web application that you only run a few times a day or a week? Stop paying for your database server 24/7!

New applications

You build something new and have no clue what load to expect? We got you covered!

Variable Workloads

Your application's load varies a lot? Stop paying for resources that you barley use.

Unpredictable Workloads

Sometimes it's really difficult to know well in advance what kind of workload your databases have to handle. With SmartDB, you don't need to worry anymore.

Development and test Databases

If you are trying out something new, it's often not really worth the effort to setup a new database server just to run a few tests. With SmartDB, your test database is only a few clicks away.

You're in good hands

We work with AWS. Not just since yesterday. We're AWS Technology Partner. And you can use your own AWS Account.

With fair pricing

We decided to make our pricing as fair as possible. And in our BETA we give a 20$ discount.


12$ /month

  • All features
  • Unlimited clusters
  • Unlimited networks
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Why companies go serverless

The future of the web is serverless

Ina Schmidt
CODE Ninjas

"We started using SmartDB a few weeks ago and reduced costs for our databases by 80% almost immediately. This is just the solution I have always been looking for."

Vittorio Emmermann
Cierra Software Solutions

"We really try to foster innovation in our company. Thats why our development teams try out a lot of new products. And for quickly trying out something new, SmartDB is the perfect solution!"

Max Rophol

"Some of our web services have a very low rate of usage, only several times a week. Still, they are crucial for our clients. With SmartDB, they are always available when needed but don't burn capacities when not."

Cut your costs by half. At least.